Law firm launches 'hot line' to report DEI's damage to your career ladder

Law firm launches 'hot line' to report DEI's damage to your career ladder

Law firm launches 'hot line' to report DEI's damage to your career ladder

A law firm has created a hotline for employees to report discrimination at work but it comes with a not-so-subtle twist: It is welcoming legal help for whites, Asians, and males whose hirings and promotions have been harmed by DEI practices.

The AFL hotline was created by America First Legal, which is not ducking from any criticism it wants to help a white low-level corporate executive, for example, rather than his black female co-worker.

Florida yanks 'anti-American' DEI from university campuses

Bronson Woodruff, AFN.net

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs have been eliminated at 12 public universities in Florida after a state board voted this week.  

The state Board of Governors voted Jan. 24 to ban DEI programs on any campus that uses state or federal dollars to fund it. That action follows legislation signed into law last year by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

In a similar move, the State Board of Education also adopted a policy that affects 28 smaller colleges.

Mat Staver, of Florida-based Liberty Counsel, says DeSantis and Florida are showing leadership in the DEI fight.

What the state has done, he says, is defund an “anti-American ideology” in higher education that is designed to divide people rather than bring them together.

“We will not let ‘equity’ replace ‘equality’ or let ‘woke’ replace truth, justice, reason, sanity, and basic human dignity,” the website declares.

Gene Hamilton, general counsel at America First Legal, tells AFN the organization is hearing from people up and down the career ladder who are sharing first-hand accounts of blatant racial discrimination in the workplace.

 “We have executives who have their compensation tied to their achievement of certain racial percentages of their subordinate workforces,” he says.

Race-based hiring violates federal anti-discrimination laws, which have fought unfair treatment of minorities and women going back to the U.S. Civil Rights Act, but modern-day examples of race-based hiring and promotions that help minorities and women are easy to find. That is because every major corporation has not only embraced DEI practices but boasts online about its employment statistics that must logically exclude white males and promote their co-workers in order to improve "workplace diversity."   

American Family News searched just one corporate website, cereal maker Kellogg’s, and found its “Better Days Promise” campaign. The corporation states it has set a goal to not only hire more women and minorities in management but to hit a “50/50 parity” in gender, and 25% more “racially underrepresented talent,” by the end of 2025.

The Chicago-based company employs about 34,000 people worldwide.

On the issue of racial discrimination, Hamilton says everyone agrees minorities have faced unfair treatment in the past, especially during Jim Crow segregation, and sought legal help to seek justice.

"But we are not there anymore," he insists. "We are here to fight for equality of all Americans and against modern-day segregation by these companies, and to ensure that all Americans, regardless of their background, have as best a shot at thriving in this country as they possibly can."

Hamilton puts it this way: Racism is wrong, in an form, and every man and woman of every race deserves the right to be treated equally.