'Wounded demonstrator' sues Rittenhouse for Kenosha riot

'Wounded demonstrator' sues Rittenhouse for Kenosha riot

'Wounded demonstrator' sues Rittenhouse for Kenosha riot

Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot and killed two attackers during the violent Kenosha riot, is facing a civil lawsuit by one of the men who attacked him, too, but survived the bullet.

Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm (see above) while attacking Rittenhouse, is suing him for physical and emotional distress he says the shooting had on him.

Grosskreutz is also suing the City of Kenosha and local officials, according to an Associated Press story about the city riot and the lawsuit. That story by the AP calls the plaintiff a “wounded demonstrator” but fails to tell readers Grosskreutz, an Antifa member, was pointing a gun when he was shot.

“This new lawsuit fails to mention how Gaige pointed a gun at my head,” Rittenhouse, now 20, told American Family Radio this week. “How I was attacked with a skateboard. And they pretty much called me a white vigilante, a nationalist, and say I was deputized by the police. And it's just all false.”

Back in 2021, during Rittenhouse’s criminal trial, AFN reported Grosskreutz took the stand and admitted to a defense attorney he pointed the pistol and then Rittenhouse fired.

“It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at [Rittenhouse] --- advanced on him --- that he fired?” Grosskreutz is asked.

“Correct,” the wounded rioter replied.

The riots that ripped apart cities at the time divided the country, and the video footage of a teenage boy armed with an AR-15 only heightened that division and hatred. President Biden called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist,” when the teen had never made any race-based remarks, and the left-wing pundits on cable news called him a vigilante criminal.

Even the legal defense for Rittenhouse proved controversial. The names of contributors to his GiveSendGo account were leaked to the media in an attempt to shame them for supporting a supposed racist vigilante.  

In the radio interview, Rittenhouse told AFR show host Jenna Ellis the lawsuit is an attack on the Second Amendment and on the right to self-defense.

Rittenhouse said he is leaning on his Christian faith as he prepares for a civil trial.

“It definitely brings me closer to the Lord every single day,” he told the radio program. “And it opens my eyes, in a way, just to show that the fight is never truly over.”