Far-left group outed over plan to block Supreme Court building

Far-left group outed over plan to block Supreme Court building

Far-left group outed over plan to block Supreme Court building

A pro-life activist says nobody should be surprised that crazed abortion supporters are threatening to illegally block access to the U.S. Supreme Court next week in a desperate attempt to keep their Roe v Wade decision.


A left-wing group named “Shut Down DC” is planning to block streets around the U.S. Supreme Court next week to prevent justices and their staff from getting to work, The Washington Free Beacon recently reported.

The mob-like attack is planned for next week because the high court could release a new list of rulings that day, including the landmark Dobbs case that could rule Roe unconstitutional. 

It appears the Beacon monitored the May 24 meeting of the left-wing group, a meeting that was attended by 60-plus activists and led by four to five organizers. It is unclear if the Beacon story forced the radical group to drop its detailed plan (pictured at top), scheduled for June 13, which involves blocking several streets that lead to the Court’s underground parking garage.

The group acknowledged that action is illegal and arrests will be made, but the Far Left has become crazed after a leaked draft opinion from the court suggested a 5-4 decision is coming in the Dobbs case.

The troubling Beacon story published weeks before law enforcement authorities arrested an armed California man this week who allegedly told police he intended to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his home.  

Jason Storms, who leads Operation Save America, says the plan to surround and to block the Supreme Court is no different than the left-wing mobs that burned cities during race riots.

“And that's exactly what they're doing here,” he warns. “They don't like the results of democracy, and so now they're threatening violence, bullying and intimidation, which is not surprising from people who are defending the right to kill little babies in the womb.”

Nobody should be surprised, he adds, that people with such a warped “moral compass” are threatening violence now.

From a legal perspective, overturning Roe v Wade would simply kick the legality of abortion down to state legislatures and the signature of a governor. That is because the 98-page draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito finds Roe is an unconstitutional decision, a legal argument as old as the 1973 ruling, but the Far Left has revered Roe as a sacred-like constitutional right for nearly 50 years. 

“This is a crisis moment for democracy and for our rights,” one "Shut Down" organizer told the group. “So we need as many new folks leveling up in their mobilization as possible.”

Among other threats on Capitol Hill, Democrats in Congress want to add seats to the court --- they call it "reform" --- to punish the conservative-leaning justices.

A bill to increase security for the justices, which passed in the U.S. Senate, is being held up in the House by abortion-supporting Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. 

Federal law prohibits demonstrations and marches in front of the homes of justices and judges, but congressional Democrats, the White House, and the Department of Justice are ignoring that law because they support the protesters. 

Farther down in the Beacon story, the D.C.-based newspaper says the “Shut Down” organizers openly admitted the group is coordinating with other far-left groups including Ruth Sent Us. That group published the addresses of the five justices online and helped organize protests at their homes.