Texas Values stepping up for children, families

Texas Values stepping up for children, families

Texas Values stepping up for children, families

Knowing the harms gender transition methods cause children, a leading traditional values group wonders why lawmakers won't act to protect them.

Another lawsuit has been filed to challenge the legal authority Texas officials believe they have to investigate families that allow their children to transition to the opposite gender.

Jonathan Covey of Texas Values says the problem actually involves a bill that was before the legislature last session to bar hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery on children.

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

"This bill didn't pass last session," he notes. "But after everything that's happened since then, we're coming back more determined than ever before, and we hope that the legislature and the governor are ready this time to protect the kids."

He points out that puberty blockers are not approved for transgender purposes. Also, most minors accept their birth gender as they grow into their teens.

"We know that the suicide rate of those who undergo these types of transitions rises by 20 times compared to those that don't," Covey continues. "And we know that children have a fundamental right to procreation, which these procedures often deprive them of when they become sterilized."

With all of that knowledge, Covey wonders why elected representatives would not move to protect children by putting the authority to investigate child abuse into law.

His organization plans to be "coming out strong for Texas children and Texas families."