Flight attendants take a stand for first liberty

Flight attendants take a stand for first liberty

Flight attendants take a stand for first liberty

Two former flight attendants have filed a federal lawsuit against Alaska Airlines after they were fired for questioning the airline's discriminatory view against employees with certain beliefs.

The lawsuit also claims the Association of Flight Attendants union failed to uphold its responsibility to defend the plaintiffs because of their religious beliefs.

Stephanie Taub of First Liberty Institute explains that Alaska Airlines fired Marli Brown and Lacey Smith, two "outstanding" flight attendants, last September after they posted on the company's internal messaging board their concerns about the "Equality Act," which Alaska Airlines supports.

Taub, Stephanie (First Liberty) Taub

"In response, the company disparaged their religious beliefs and fired them in violation of federal civil rights laws that protect religious employees from discrimination," Taub summarizes.

Specifically, Brown and Smith noted their concerns about the Equality Act's impact on women and people of faith.

"This case has the potential to send the message to employers across the country that they cannot discriminate against employees of faith," the First Liberty Institute attorney asserts.

The flight attendants are seeking various forms of relief, including reinstatement. Taub's firm also wants Alaska Airlines to "clarify that employees of faith should not be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs."

AFN is seeking comment from Alaska Airlines. The company did not respond to requests for comment last September when First Liberty filed a federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint.