Biden nominee 'as radical a leftist activist' as they come

Biden nominee 'as radical a leftist activist' as they come

Biden nominee 'as radical a leftist activist' as they come

A vote is expected soon on President Joe Biden's nominee for the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals – and at least two conservative organizations are hoping senators vote no.

The nominee is Nancy Abudu – described by AFA Action as a "radical political activist" whose current job at the Southern Poverty Law Center is to "sue those who don't agree with SPLC's radical 'woke' agenda" by attacking religious liberty, biblical sexuality, and the sanctity of life.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

Rob Chambers of AFA Action describes Abudu as the "most radical appointment" Biden has ever made – and argues her legal record "shows she is dangerous and hostile to American law and American values."

FRC Action, the political arm of Washington, DC-based Family Research Council, is quite familiar with the SPLC.

"Because of [SPLC's] designation of us as a 'hate group' in 2012, a disturbed individual came into our building with a gun and ammo and Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and attempted to perpetrate a mass murder," says Mary Beth Waddell with FRC Action.

"I have to tell you, I find your answers absolutely extraordinary – absolutely extraordinary. I can't believe you've been nominated for this position. I can't believe that the president of the United States would nominate someone from this organization with this record, and I can't believe that you would sit here today and refuse to condemn this hateful, frankly, violent rhetoric."

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri)
(to Abudu during her nomination hearing)

Waddell also points out that Charity Watch has repeatedly given SPLC an F rating.

Waddell, Mary Beth (FRC) Waddell

"For years, you've seen different employees … come out and talk about how sexist and racist internally the organization is," she continues. "Yet Miss Abudu chose to work for such an organization. And in her hearing, she would not call any of this problematic, she didn't see any problem with it, and she defended the SPLC and her role there."

In his announcement about her nomination, Biden described as Abudu "extraordinarily qualified, experienced, and devoted to the rule of law and our Constitution." Despite those accolades, Abudu's presence on the 11th Circuit poses a major problem for Waddell.

"The court of appeals, in a lot of instances, is the court of last resort because most of the cases they hear – while they could be appealed to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court only takes a small number of cases," she explains.

"It's very clear from her record and from the organization that's she's chosen to work for that she's about as radical a leftist activist as we've seen from the Biden administration when it comes to nominations and things of that nature."

Both AFA Action and FRC Action have encouraged their supporters to contact their senators, urging them to vote against confirmation of Abudu.

Editor's Note: AFA Action is an affiliate of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.