Attorney vows fight over 'Zuckerbucks' in numerous states

Attorney vows fight over 'Zuckerbucks' in numerous states

Attorney vows fight over 'Zuckerbucks' in numerous states

A religious liberty law firm that jumped into a fight in Wisconsin to document election fraud in the 2020 election is vowing to investigate other states, too.

As AFN reported in a March 3 story, Thomas More Society investigated allegations of election fraud on behalf of the Wisconsin Voter Alliance and, in particular, looked at the millions of dollars that flowed to election officials from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. That donation from the famous billionaire was supposedly a non-partisan effort to ensure voter turnout but the five cities are Democrat strongholds in the state.

Erick Kaardal, special counsel with Thomas More, tells AFN the so-called “Zuckberbucks” that helped Democrats in Wisconsin also poured into multiple states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.

“And I said, Wow, this is systemic. Why is this happening?” he recalls. “Then we looked at the progressive non-profits funded, by [George] Soros and by Zuckerberg, and they got the election officials to violate the law."

Moving forward, Kaardal and Thomas More are urging state courts to right the wrongs that were allowed, which the attorney likens to putting an asterisk besides the states Joe Biden claims he won.

“Let's get the court orders,” he says, referring to the legal rulings, “and then the politicians can do what they want to do."