'Gender-affirming' sneezes don't promote gesundheit

'Gender-affirming' sneezes don't promote gesundheit

'Gender-affirming' sneezes don't promote gesundheit

A conservative journalist says a private college in New York is missing a chance to focus on students' good health.

In its Gender-Affirming Voice Program, set to be offered in the spring 2025 semester, Russell Sage College will teach students how to sneeze, cough, clear their throats, and modify their voices to match their gender identities.

Bilger, Micaiah (The College Fix) Bilger

Micaiah Bilger, assistant editor at The College Fix, says attention will be given to these nonverbal communicators because administrators believe such sounds "often affect listener perception of gender."

"When universities are teaching people how to sneeze, I think it's a strong sign they have lost their way," Bilger tells AFN.

She laments that instead of helping students who are struggling with mental health issues, the school is advertising the Gender-Affirming Voice Program as a health project and "feeding into this lie that they are not who they are."

Meanwhile, the federal government is promoting and funding programs like this at more and more colleges across the country, including the University of Cincinnati.