Remember, leftist extremism isn't self-correcting

Remember, leftist extremism isn't self-correcting

Remember, leftist extremism isn't self-correcting

As pressure continues to build on universities and colleges to get rid of their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, a pro-family lobbyist says there's still a long way to go.

In response to a Washington Post editorial opposing such requisites because they "have too often led to self-censorship and ideological policing," Sarah Hubbard, a Republican regent for the University of Michigan, is urging her school to abandon mandatory DEI requirements for hiring.

Schweppe, Jon (APP) Schweppe

"I'm looking into this @umich," Hubbard posted on X. "Very concerning when we're actively working to support diversity of thought on our campus. Diversity is a laudable goal but stifling others opinions to get there is troubling."

Though this is welcome news, Jon Schweppe, policy director for the American Principles Project, warns conservatives to be cautious.

"It's encouraging that people are moving away from this, but we have to recognize that it's still very much critical to how woke progressives view the world," he says. "So, we're not done yet."

With such a long way still to go, Schweppe notes the importance of persistence against leftist ideology.

"We should not take solace in this or anything like that," he submits about Hubbard's position. "I think it's good, but it's not going to be self-correcting. Ultimately, the way to force Democrats to ditch their extremist activists and to start toward the center is to make them feel political pain."

The Washington Post reportedly came out against DEI policies after MIT decided it would no longer require them.