Radicalization has replaced real knowledge

Radicalization has replaced real knowledge

Radicalization has replaced real knowledge

The president of a private Christian college says elite universities are ruining their students.

Dr. Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College, recently appeared on "Life, Liberty & Levin" to discuss the indoctrination college students are undergoing today at U.S. institutions.

"Marxism: What is that idea? That idea is we should use the human will to remake the world," he said. "That is not an exercise in learning, and that means that they're teaching these kids … everything in the past is bad, but we can remake everything anew."

That, he argued, is not inviting students to think or to study.

Arnn, Dr. Larry (Hillsdale College) Arnn

"There are some great professors," Dr. Arnn added. "They're very smart; people there tend to be very smart. But it's also true that the great professors are increasingly uncomfortable [with] this wokeness and these radical doctrines. Remember, these doctrines amount to the claim that you can only know if you make; you can't look up and behold."

Amid the ongoing anti-Israel protests, Dr. Arnn said he feels for the Jewish students and for the demonstrators – young people who have been radicalized and whose natural interest in truth has been suppressed.

"The purpose of college is to turn an opinion into knowledge," the Hillsdale president stated. "The fact that these campuses can't function [shows] they are not about that task anymore. They've abandoned the central thing about college."

That negatively affects the students who are in the last stage of growing up.

"They need knowledge of things that last, not the cause of the day," he submitted. "It ruins them."