UC Santa Cruz sides with Jewish students

UC Santa Cruz sides with Jewish students

UC Santa Cruz sides with Jewish students

A conservative college student is glad to see pushback to the "pro-terrorist sympathizers" who have gained too much traction on college campuses.

The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at the University of California, Santa Cruz reportedly launched an anti-Israel encampment on Friday and posted a list of demands to its Instagram page, including a complete divestment from weapon-manufacturing companies and their research collaborations and that the university "sever all ties" with the Santa Cruz Police Department.

They also want a "complete academic boycott" of all Zionist institutions, including Hillel International, also known as The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, which is the largest Jewish campus organization in the world.

Bertao, Martin (CCR) Bertao

"It's quite frankly ridiculous what's going on college campuses," comments Martin Bertao, a spokesman for California College Republicans (CCR). "I go to Berkeley myself, and I know from speaking with different chapters throughout the state that the pro-terrorist rhetoric and pro-terrorist sympathizers that have been really gaining way too much traction on college campuses are utterly absurd."

He notes that one of CCR's main goals is to promote common sense on college campuses and says that is why his team has established an undercover operation into these different encampments, which are, indeed, being funded by dark, left-wing money.

"The people within these encampments are antisemites and want the destruction of the Israeli state," Bertao relays. "That's what it all boils down to. They're against not only the state of Israel; they are against Jewish people as a collective."

So far, the university appears to be siding with Hillel:

"UC Santa Cruz strives to be a community welcoming and supportive to students of all backgrounds, cultures and religions," UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Cynthia Larive wrote in a statement. "Hillel has long been an important part of our campus's interfaith council, and we value and intend to continue this relationship."

Meanwhile, Bertao says CCR intends to help push back against the anti-Israel "brainwashing" that is taking place on college campuses.