Diversity's become a divider

Diversity's become a divider

Diversity's become a divider

A law student laments that Youngstown State University is now among those choosing to keep segregation alive.

This spring, the public Ohio university is planning to hold a "Lavender Graduation Celebration" for LGBTQ+ students and a "Black Graduation Ceremony" for black students. They will both be closed to the public.

Cage Sawyers, a correspondent at Campus Reform's Leadership Institute and a law student at Texas A&M University, says "it's despicable" that Youngstown is joining Harvard, Rutgers, and Illinois State in not allowing segregation to be something of the past.

Instead, they are promoting it.

Sawyers, Cage Sawyers

"What did people like MLK even fight for if we're going to wind the clock backwards in equity and equality?" he poses. "These segregated graduation ceremonies are repeating the events of history. We're moving backwards in the past in the name of this new DEI initiative that society has become obsessed with."

Sawyers submits the Left and the liberal caucus love to divide Americans.

"When students learn this us vs. them mentality in college, we know that's going to continue to carry this divisiveness into entrepreneurship, into nonprofit organizations, and into corporations," he laments. "These students are being trained to think that segregation is ok, and we're focusing so much on our diversity instead of focusing on the things that bind us together as Americans."

Campus Reform reports that Youngstown State is guilty of various instances of liberal bias. In January, for example, students, faculty, and alumni protested President Bill Johnson's installation because of his supposed "anti-choice" and "anti-LGBTQ+" history as a Republican congressman.