'Furries' running free while school officials seem oblivious

'Furries' running free while school officials seem oblivious

'Furries' running free while school officials seem oblivious

Students reportedly walked out of their middle school in Utah in protest of "furries."

For those unaware, "furries" are a subculture of people of various ages who are interested in animals that have human-like characteristics. They will often dress in full-body animal costumes.

One social media channel, Libs of TikTok, released a video showing students standing outside their school after they walked out:

Students: "Every time they go, they're always just wearing a mask, but the principal finally stood up and banned those things – but they still wear them every day. And they don't get in trouble. The principal doesn't make them get in trouble. All the principal says is 'just be kind', 'just be nice.'"

Corinne Johnson is president of Utah Parents United. She tells AFN her group's chapter leaders and advocates who live in the area are working with parents to address their concerns.

"But as you can see from the video, roughly 75 students left campus and went across the street to make their voices heard," she explains. "… They wanted to be given the same treatment and the same respect and the same acknowledgement as a small group of students at their school that they refer to as 'furries.'"

Johnson points out students dressing as furries don't follow the dress code – and according to the students, that's not all.

Adult: "Do your parents know you guys are out here?"

Students (collectively): "YES! They attack us! If they bite us and we just kick them, we get in trouble. They attack us! They attack us, and we get in trouble."

Adult: "Okay – how else do they attack you guys?"

Students: "They bite us, they scratch us, they bark at us. They run on all fours and pounce on people."

Adult: "Why are they spraying you with Febreze?"

Students: "Just 'cause they're jerks. And they're putting litter boxes in the girls' bathroom. They are! They're putting litter boxes."

Adult: "I heard that was just a rumor."

Students: "No, it's not. It's true."

Adult: "Is it something you've seen?"

Students: "Yes!"

Johnson, Corrine (Utah Parents United) Johnson

Johnson reports her team had gotten reports a few years ago about furry activity in schools, so they did research on the reported activity, gathered photos and evidence, and met with administrators from several of the largest school districts in Utah.

She reports "they looked at us straight in the eyes and they said, 'This is absolutely not happening in our schools. We require every student to follow the dress code, and all of these rumors you're hearing – they're untrue.'"

Johnson's group pretty much dropped the matter at that point. But in the years since, more parents have continued to send in new reports and information. She encourages parents to continue helping Utah Parents United document by sending pictures, videos, and information.

"And then [we ask parents] to do simple things: To check their children out of school. [Then] to ask the administration what their procedures and policies are for enforcing dress code in their schools."

Finally, Johnson encourages those parents to offer to help schools have more positive environments and enforce dress code and discipline in Utah schools.