Do you know what schools are teaching your kids about sex?

Do you know what schools are teaching your kids about sex?

Do you know what schools are teaching your kids about sex?

Chances are, it's not abstinence until marriage.

God designed sex as a sacred relationship exclusively for a husband and his wife. But education about it is not what it used to be.

Jon Noyes, an atheist-turned-Christian apologist who now works as a speaker with Stand to Reason, remembers growing up in the "just say no" era, when health classes' brief attention to sexual education was mostly about safe sex.

"I remember talking about AIDS maybe, but they didn't teach us how to have sex," he tells AFN. "They certainly didn't teach us how to have homosexual sex" or cover transgenderism.

"If you've reviewed any of the curriculum that's being pumped into our public schools, it doesn't even look like the same animal," Noyes continues.

While he believes "it's important that we just talk about it and remove any awkwardness there," that is not what is going on in modern sex education.

Noyes, Jon (STR) Noyes

"In my opinion, there's been a complete normalization of these types of behaviors, and it's unfortunate, because these types of behaviors are not normal," he submits. "When we start using our body parts for things that they weren't intended for, there's ramifications for it, and we see that with the health risks within the gay community."

In short, deviating from the original design causes major and permanent problems physiologically, spiritually, and mentally, "and this is why we see heightened rates of suicide, depression, anxiety."

He describes today's public school health curriculums as destructive.

"Suicide is this major issue," Noyes notes. "When I'm reading the sections on mental health in this teen talk curriculum and this new health curriculum, the advice that it's giving is just not good. What it's doing is it's pointing you inward."

"We don't need to be pointed inward," he concludes. "We need to be pointed outward; we need to be focused on God."