Biden willing to starve school kids to feed trans obsession

Biden willing to starve school kids to feed trans obsession

Biden willing to starve school kids to feed trans obsession

Using the federal government like a 1,000-pound hammer is nothing new for the transgender-obsessed Biden administration, which plans to force female athletes to undress and shower with men, but another target is public schools and millions of hungry students who depend on the national school lunch program.

After reinventing the federal Title IX civil rights law to include men, and then threatening anyone who objects, the Biden administration is just three months away from finalizing a rule change that would recognize that radical interpretation and then use the U.S. Department of Education to enforce it.

Message to transgenders: Your struggle is spiritual fight, too

Bronson Woodruff, AFN.net

The issue of transgenderism and identifying as the opposite sex cannot and should not be separated from the issue of mental and spiritual wellbeing, says an atheist-turned-Christian apologist.

The current debate over transgenderism sometimes feel like we are living in the lawless Wild West, says John Noyes, a former atheist now with the Stand to Reason ministry.

“Especially on the issue of sex-assignment surgery,” he says.

That particular issue concerns Noyes, he tells AFN, because as many as 70% of transgender people who undergo that life-altering surgery wrestle with suicide afterward. The surgery was supposed to fix their mental struggles but often does not.

“As Christians, this should really break out hearts because people are looking for answers,” he says. “But they’re looking for them in the wrong place, right?”

A person struggling with gender identify, he says, should be reminded they were made in the image of God and therefore have dignity and worth.

Title IX, the federal non-discrimination law, was passed by Congress in 1972 after years of lobbying by feminists to force high school and college athletic programs to fund women’s sports equally.

In 2022, on the 50th anniversary of Title IX’s passage, the LGBT-allied U.S. Department of Education said it will reinterpret the law meant in order to fight states that are protecting female-only sports and that are banning gender indoctrination in the classroom. The plan was to enact that pro-LGBT policy change by the summer of 2023 but that plan was moved back until October, two months ago, because 240,000 public comments poured in and forced a longer-than-expected delay.

According to The Hill, in a story published December 7, the Biden administration now plans to finalize its so-called “update” to Title IX in March of next year.

USDA: You must 'update' and 'investigate'

In addition to using the U.S. Department of Education to enforce a new version of Title IX, the Biden administration plans to use the USDA and its federal school lunch program to enforce compliance. Known officially as the National School Lunch Program, U.S. taxpayers spend approximately $14 billion annually to provide free or reduced-fee lunches to K-12 students in approximately 100,000 schools nationwide.

In its own announcement in May 2022, USDA said it plans to reinterpret Title IX to include “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

What does that mean for 100,000 public school districts? If they participate in the federal school lunch program, they must “update” their non-discrimination policies and “investigate” any allegations of discrimination, the USDA said in a statement.

Butcher, Jonathan (Heritage) Butcher

Heritage Foundation researcher Jonathan Butcher, who is no stranger to bullying tactics in Washington, D.C., says the Biden administration is willing to starve children during their lunch hour in order to indoctrinate them in the classroom.

"I mean, this is a remarkable partisan effort,” he says, “to put school meals for low-income students on hold in order to enforce a radical ideology."

That “partisan effort” appears to be on schedule for a March announcement, according to The Hill story. It said homosexual activists and Democrats in Congress are frustrated by the delay and are urging the Biden administration to finalize its new definition of Title IX soon.

Unmentioned in The Hill story is the USDA threat to public schools and what non-compliance means for  schools across the country, including in their cafeterias.

When the plan to alter Title IX was announced last year, Butcher says several state attorneys general filed lawsuits to stop it. He predicts the threat to public school lunches will create public uproar, too. 

The public may have forgotten but the Obama administration announced a transgender bathroom policy, with a threat to withdraw federal funds, in 2016. That policy was blocked by a federal court and was officially reversed by the Trump administration in 2017.