Antisemitism so far nonexistent at Christian schools

Antisemitism so far nonexistent at Christian schools

Antisemitism so far nonexistent at Christian schools

Christian institutions differ from other colleges and universities across the nation, especially those currently dealing with antisemitic marches and rallies on their campuses.

As AFN has reported, many college instructors and student groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are influencing students on campuses to stand against Israel.

At the request of more than 30 organizations, Harvard University is creating a task force to aid students who have been doxed for showing support for Hamas by openly blaming Israel for the October 7th violence.

Jackson, Donna (Project 21) Jackson

Donna Jackson, director of membership for the Project 21 black leadership network, says, "It's not because they're fearful of violence. It's more about them losing their job offers."

She blames former President Barack Obama for this eruption of antisemitism.

"This is really Obama's America," she submits. "He was the one that made it popular to be antisemitic."

Likely to distance itself from the letter, the university has issued a statement condemning the Hamas attacks. Also, after facing harsh criticism for signing onto the letter, several student groups have removed their signatures from it.

But Christian institutions do not appear to be having these issues.

Dr. Barbara McMillin, president of Blue Mountain Christian University (BMC) in Mississippi, says her campus is quiet.

"No, we are not seeing anything like that happening on our campus," she reports. "We are shocked and appalled, and our colleagues on other Christian campuses I'm sure are having a very similar reaction."

McMillin, Dr. Barbara (BMC) McMillin

Out West, Texas Christian University is likewise free of any types of anti-Israel movements. And while Dr. McMillin does not anticipate any such rallies developing on her campus, she says there are procedures in place for how to respond to such things, whether they are related to Israel or not.

Meanwhile, BMC students, staff, and beyond are continuing to pray.

"As a community here on campus, we are in prayer for this situation, for the nation of Israel, for our own country, and for other college campuses -- that these students would find safe havens and protection," Dr. McMillin says.