Parents won't stand for America's deconstruction

Parents won't stand for America's deconstruction

Parents won't stand for America's deconstruction

Conservatives say teachers are misguiding students on campuses across the nation into hating Israel.

Jennifer Kabbany, editor-in-chief of The College Fix, says college protests in support of Hamas and the Palestinians are the result of what instructors are imparting on their students.

"You have professors who are rabidly anti-Israel, unfortunately, and they advance what's called the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement – basically accusing Israel of being evil, apartheid, oppressors, and colonizers," she relays.

Meanwhile, groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) are active.

"They also have a lot of support among the students, and they create like a groundswell on campus to help galvanize young people and convince them that Israel is evil and that their cause is just," Kabbany says.

The SJP, for example, rejoiced after the October 7 attacks.

Kabbany,, Jennifer (The College Fix) Kabbany

"They held protests on campuses across the nation, celebrating the attacks, calling for the eradication of Israel," Kabbany reports. "Never, not once did they have a moment of humanity to mourn the civilians who were raped and killed. It was all justified in their mind, and their thought is that by any means necessary, Israel must be destroyed, even if that includes civilian life."

Mayim Bialik, a Hollywood actress and game show host who also has a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, recently shared on TikTok that she is heartbroken at the antisemitism she is witnessing in the U.S.

"I'm disappointed in many institutions I have always held sacred," she stated. "The lack of humanity is devastating."

"The Holocaust, while we say we will never forget, many have forgotten, and the swiftness with which the global population has seized upon the massacre… this is not acceptable," she asserted. "It's not normal. We should not normalize it. There is no excuse for calling for a genocide of an entire people. Period. Full stop."

Bialik, a Jewish person, added that she would not apologize for expressing what she and so many others are going through.

"We are looking for moments of joy, but it feels like a nightmare that we cannot wake up from right now," she said.

Kabbany says the attacks, the threats, and this lack of empathy display the moral bankruptcy of higher education today, and Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty agrees.

"We are seeing what indoctrination looks like in action," she tells AFN. "We are aware of the ethnic studies model curriculum in California – that is now a graduation requirement in many school districts across California. Ethnic studies promotes decolonization, and decolonization is effectively genocide."

Justice, Tiffany (Moms for Liberty) Justice

Bearing in mind that what happens in California does not stay in California, Justice's organization – which currently has 275 chapters in 44 states with more than 115,000 active members – is sounding the alarm in K-12 schools that the program is antisemitic, "and we don't want our children being taught to hate people in school."

"There's no room for discrimination in America's schools, in America's public schools, certainly," Justice asserts. "Parents are stepping up and speaking out."

Meanwhile, they notice the influence of single-issue nonprofits pushing to get this indoctrination into schools. The people who are behind forcing the Marxist ideology, she says, are the same people who are funding these anti-Israel marches and movements – wealthy funders like billionaire George Soros.

"It's all in service of this idea of a revolution, to deconstruct the West, and certainly America," Justice explains. "Parents will not stand for this. We will defend our parental rights, and we will defend our country" as one that believes in "tolerance and respect."