Homosexual activists zero in on 'easy targets'

Homosexual activists zero in on 'easy targets'

Homosexual activists zero in on 'easy targets'

A middle school completely devoted to LGBTQ+ students has opened in Arizona.

The homosexual activist group one-n-ten opened Arizona's first LGBT high school in 2012, and its new Queer Blended Learning Center is for children ages 11 to 14. Those attending the school, which meets in a youth center in Downtown Phoenix, are able to pay for their tuition using taxpayer-funded vouchers provided through a state program.

They portray the school as a "safe place" where the children can have "education that pertains to their own identity," but Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, thinks it will be anything but safe.

"Middle school-aged children have been an easy target of the LGBT activists for 30-some years that I've been observing all this," she tells AFN.

According to The Washington Stand, the details of the school are as follows:

  • Math, science, and reading rely on an online program, but in-person instruction will teach LGBT history and social studies (every day of the week).
  • Bathrooms will only have one stall and will remain gender-neutral.
  • There will be no out-of-pocket funding because tuition is covered by taxpayer-funded vouchers.

Harvey says using education as an excuse to prey on children is nothing new; this is just a more blatant version of it.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"Most people don't want their children in a school like this," she submits. "I think most parents, even left-leaning parents, oftentimes want their kids to be with a variety of children. And that is the one thing that will save them."

She points out the school is a breeding ground for confused, depressed, anxious, and lost students, as it is run by administrators with the same types of emotional issues.

As of July 26th, the school reportedly had eight children enrolled for the school year, which began August 1st.