CA school board president says 'political cartel' at war with parents

CA school board president says 'political cartel' at war with parents

California Attorney General Rob Bonta

CA school board president says 'political cartel' at war with parents

A political fight and legal battle is heating up in Southern California where a school board that refuses to keep parents in the dark is now being sued by the state attorney general, Rob Bonta.

Chino Valley Unified School District, which serves 32,000 students southeast of Los Angeles, became the hated target of California politicians in July immediately after its school board approved a parental notification policy. That new policy requires a teacher or school administrator to notify a parent or guardian if a child says he or she is the opposite sex.

Chino Valley’s parental policy was passed in response to the transgender movement, which has invaded school classrooms everywhere, but a conflict was inevitable in liberal California since transgenderism has also become something like a revered god for Democrat politicians there.

“Students should never fear going to school for simply being who they are,” Bonta, reacting to Chino Valley, said August 5 in a buzzword-filled statement. “Chino Valley Unified’s forced outing policy threatens the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ students vulnerable to harassment and potential abuse from peers and family members unaccepting of their gender identity.”

In that statement from August 5, Bonta announced he was launching a state civil rights investigation of Chino Valley. He announced this week he is suing the school district.

Teachers are source of trans ideology

Despite Bonta’s claim he is protecting students’ privacy, many parents have now caught on to what is often happening: An LGBT teacher, or an “ally” of the movement, is introducing trans ideology to their classroom of children and then vowing to protect their “transition” from their parents.

California Teachers Association, the state teachers’ union, was exposed in 2021 for hosting an LGBT-themed conference that instructed teachers how to hide LGBT activism from parents. That secretive event was only exposed after audio was leaked to journalist Abigail Shrier, who wrote a bombshell story about it almost two years ago.

Jessica Konen, the California parent of an 11-year-old daughter, sued the Spreckels Union School District last year and accused two middle school teachers of coaching and manipulating her child to believe she is a boy, Fox News reported last year.

The two teachers, Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki, had been exposed in Shrier’s story for hosting a seminar at the conference in which they told fellow teachers how they hide a Gay Straight Alliance Club from nosy parents.

After Shrier’s story went public, the two teachers were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation and the GSA club they oversaw was also suspended. That investigation concluded their comments about the GSA club were “inaccurate,” and they were cleared of any wrongdoing and the GSA Club’s activities resumed.

'Political cartel' targeting Chino Valley

Sonja Shaw, who leads the Chino Valley school board, has emerged as a vocal defender of the parental policy and an ally of parents. She is also becoming more vocal about the powerful state politicians targeting her and the school district.

"They are willing to do everything they can to take the parents out of the equation," she says of those political enemies. "We are going to stand firm."

As far as who is coming after the defiant school district, Shaw says that list now includes Attorney General Bonta, Governor Gavin Newsom, and Tony Thornton, who is California’s state superintendent of education. She calls them a “political cartel” that is acting criminally by declaring war on parents.

“We have criminals walking free,” she says, referring to those three men, “and they are trying to send a message that parents are dangerous to their children."