Montana values & those of 'Marxist lesbian' not a good mix

Montana values & those of 'Marxist lesbian' not a good mix

Montana values & those of 'Marxist lesbian' not a good mix

At least one state has thought out its relationship with the American Library Association.

The Montana State Library Commission met last week and voted 5-1 to divorce itself from the American Library Association. Jeff Laszloffy of the Montana Family Foundation explains to AFN that the commission's decision relates to the national organization's April board meeting.

"[That was when] the American Library Association selected Emily Drabinski to be their new president of the organization," he says. "And Miss Drabinski immediately went on social media and said that she was so excited that the American Library Association had elected a self-described Marxist/lesbian to be its new head."

Laszloffy, Jeff (Montana Family Foundation) Laszloffy

Laszloffy quotes from Drabinsky's press release (on the same day she was elected) in which she shared her vision for the American Library Association.

"Quote – 'Consequences of decades of unchecked climate change, class war, white supremacy and imperialism have led us here. We have a lot of work ahead to build collective power for the public good' – unquote," says the family advocate.

He predicts that under the leadership of a lesbian Marxist, the ALA will continue to press local libraries to stock books and other materials to pervert and confuse youth. As he explains: "They are … some of the biggest promoters of sexually graphic material to kids as young as kindergarten."

Derek Oestreicher, chief legal counsel for Montana Family Foundation, stated during testimony in support of the commission's decision that Drabinski's vision for the American Library Association "is entirely inconsistent with Montana values."