Gender no longer matters to historic all-boys school

Gender no longer matters to historic all-boys school

Gender no longer matters to historic all-boys school

With an elite private school in New York City incorporating woke ideology, a concerned mom says its mainstream Marxism on display.

The Browning School, the $62,000-a-year institution founded in 1888, has decided to update its non-discriminatory policy to allow transgender students, or girls who identify as boys, admittance.

On its website, the gender identity policy reads, "The Browning School will consider for admission any child who (i) identifies as a boy or (ii) was assigned male at birth, who wishes to join a boys' school and is well-served by our mission. We will not consider for admission a student who identifies as a girl at the time of application."

"As a school that proudly celebrates and affirms boys at every stage of their lives, we acknowledge that the many ways in which gender can be lived and expressed are vastly different now than at our founding in 1888," the school stated in a recent letter to parents.

Talking about how wokeism is infiltrating public and private schools, Jacqueline Toboroff, a lifelong Manhattan resident and an outspoken conservative mother, recently told Fox News this is part of the push toward mainstream Marxism that started with Black Lives Matter and surged during the pandemic.

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), she said, is "the real head of all evil," and parents are running out of options.

Toboroff, Jacqueline Toboroff

"Browning is a part of it," she said. "It really promotes the transgender movement; it promotes equitable grading in the name of diversity. Grades don't matter, scores don't matter, absentees don't matter, [and] civil disobedience in the classroom doesn't matter."

Even the Ivy League, which once turned to private schools like Browning to recruit new students, now admits people primarily based on their race.

"This is absolutely happening, and it's quantifiable," Toboroff told Fox News. "The truth of the matter is Ivy League schools are not accepting as many children from these feeder schools, these private schools anymore. There has to be a paradigm shift. Parents have to recognize that schools are just not going to places like Browning anymore; they are really relying on racial quotas. It's unfair, and it's racist, and they've hooked into woke."

Sparked by the onslaught of government mandates, social coercion, and dystopian fears that followed the COVID-19 outbreak, Toboroff formed online communities with other moms and became an outspoken voice in public and on social media. In 2021, she ran for the New York City Council.