'Cowards' contributing to our 'dumbing down'

'Cowards' contributing to our 'dumbing down'

'Cowards' contributing to our 'dumbing down'

A defender of faith, family, and freedom says too many U.S. institutions of higher learning are on the wrong side of history.

In The Lone Star State, for example, the Christian Church Disciples of Christ-affiliated Texas Christian University is offering a course called "The Queer Art of Drag."

According to The Christian Post, the class syllabus states that students will create their personas through a "drag vision board," engage in self-reflection, and assemble a collage of images to gain inspiration. 

Also required to read commentaries such as "The Gender Binary Is a Tool of White Supremacy" by Kravitz Marshall, each student must "produce a one-to-two-minute solo drag performance to be recorded, edited, and shared with an open audience at TCU’s Annual Night of Drag on April 21."

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

"It's reprehensible," Texas Values' Jonathan Covey responds. "Those who feel like they have to bow to the woke crowd are essentially cowards. They're afraid of what might happen if they don't pander to the Dylan Mulvaneys of the world, and I think they should let Bud Light and Target and Maybelline all be a tale of caution for them."

"They don't want to be on the wrong side of history, but right now, they are," he adds.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech University and the University of North Texas are offering classes on witches, witchcraft, and black magic, and courses of a similar vein are offered by upper education nationwide.

Covey submits that "it's really just contributing to the dumbing down of America."

"We used to be a country based upon independent thinking, based upon logic, based upon a mission and a focus of academics," he notes. "Now we're a country that's just teaching that you don't disagree with the popular cultural ideology."