School board considering Bible ban

School board considering Bible ban

School board considering Bible ban

Though she isn't surprised by the retaliatory response to the removal of LGBTQ+ materials from library shelves, a cultural analyst says the pushback should be taken seriously.

Two students in Gardner, Texas have filed a formal complaint against the Bible, saying it is inappropriate and should not be on the shelves of the district's public school libraries.

"No one should get to get to cherry pick based on their own ideologies of which books belong in schools," student Elizabeth Fiedler told Fox 4 News earlier this month. "Some things shouldn't have a place in the school."

Considering the sharp increase in such complaints, Janice Crouse suspects students are pushing back against the ongoing effort to rid school libraries of pornographic, pro-homosexual books.

Crouse, Janice (CWA) Crouse

"The attempts to ban the Bible have increased dramatically," she tells AFN. "You can bet anytime somebody complains about all these explicit gay books in our schools, somebody's going to come along and say, 'OK, cancel the Bible.'"

Crouse believes such things should be taken seriously, and in this case, the superintendent is reportedly doing so; the Gardner Edgerton School Board will follow the established process and consider banning the Bible later this fall.

But at least one board member has already said he will not vote for the Bible's removal, and Crouse predicts that will be the consensus.

"Even though they've never succeeded before, I think we have to look at it very seriously," she asserts.

Any person submitting a review is required to read the book cover to cover.