Anti-Bible 'political stunt' won't likely pan out

Anti-Bible 'political stunt' won't likely pan out

Anti-Bible 'political stunt' won't likely pan out

A cultural analyst says a parent's demand to classify the Bible as "pornographic" and have it removed from the local high school's library is "nothing more than a political stunt."

Crouse, Janice (CWA) Crouse

The anonymous parent cites verses from Genesis to Revelation and claims the words of Jesus are "pornographic," which means their place on a school library's shelf is a violation of state law. The request, filed on December 11, 2022 with the Davis School District, reportedly calls the Bible "one of the most sex-ridden books around."

Utah Parents United, which has challenged various books in school libraries for their explicit content, categorizes this effort as a mere political stunt, and Christian author and commentator Janice Crouse agrees.

"The Bible is not pornographic," she states.

A man becoming "uncovered in his tent" or "knowing his wife" is incomparable to the X-rated content of  "Gender Queer" or "This Book is Gay," which has proven to be too graphic to detail on local news.

Even so, Crouse says this demand must be taken seriously.

"The school board is required to review every book that is brought forward to them, and they have 60 days to review any of the books that are brought to them," she relays. "The family has done their homework. They've got eight pages of examples from the Bible that they claim are indecent under the law."

According to the Sensitive Material Review Committee, this is "one of many that is in the process of being reviewed," but Crouse predicts the school will have the sense to declare the Bible is serious, instructive literature that should not be removed.