'Activist anthropologist' makes college kids LOL

'Activist anthropologist' makes college kids LOL

'Activist anthropologist' makes college kids LOL

The president of a worldwide sports ministry doesn't think an anthropologist who can't tell the difference between male and female skeletons should be surprised that other people see his "delusional ideas" as foolish.

Pittsburgh University Professor Gabby Yearwood was reportedly affronted when, in response to a question from University of Kentucky championship swimmer Riley Gaines at a Leadership Institute event, he said if he were to examine the bones of a man and a woman 100 years from now, he would not be able to tell them apart – a statement that made the students in attendance laugh out loud.

"I'm just curious as to why I'm being laughed at," Yearwood, who teaches a course called Activist Anthropology, said, adding that he was "the expert in the room" and exclaiming, "I have a PhD!"

Steve McConkey, president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, thinks the students' response was appropriate.

McConkey, Steve (4 Winds Christian Athletics) McConkey

"They have the facts laid right out in front of them, and they still come up with delusional ideas to make their woke behavior acceptable," he laments. "They keep pushing this, and they're beginning to look like fools toward other people."

Gaines, who is known for speaking out against male athletes being allowed to compete against female athletes, told the professor, "Every single rational person knows the answer: Men have narrower hips, their skulls are different, they have an extra rib, their femurs are longer, their jaws are different."

In an email to The College Fix, San José State University Archaeology Professor Elizabeth Weiss clarified, "Riley Gaines is correct on many traits, but males do not have an extra rib. This myth comes from the Adam and Eve story."

"I really appreciate her for standing up against all this nonsense and willing to get out there and talk about this stuff," McConkey tells AFN.

Gaines came forward last year to protest William "Lia" Thomas and shame the NCAA for allowing a male swimmer, with larger muscles and bigger lungs, to compete against females. She also recalled the "extreme discomfort" with a male undressing in the same locker room as young women.