GOP helping pave leftward path in education

GOP helping pave leftward path in education

GOP helping pave leftward path in education

A researcher and scholar cannot understand why any Republican lawmaker would back a civics bill that could impose left-wing critical race theory in every public school in the nation.

Breitbart reports that the Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA) would empower Joe Biden's secretary of education to award $1 billion grants to non-profit organizations and higher education institutions. Sen. John Cornyn (TX), who introduced the bill with Democrat Sen. Chris Coons (DE), is one of many Republicans from whom the CDSA has garnered support. He is joined by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), and Tom Cole, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma's Fourth Congressional District.

"Learning about America's rich history and what makes our political process unique is essential to preserving democracy," Sen. Cornyn declares on his website. "This legislation would promote civics education in schools and universities and support teachers as they inspire young Texans to be engaged citizens."

He also claims civics act will "reauthorize and modernize an American history and civics grant program created under the Higher Education Act." But David Randall of the National Association of Scholars remains perplexed.

Randall, David (NAS) Randall

"Once he committed himself, I think he thought that since he was committed, he wanted to get it done," Randall submits as a possible explanation for why Sen. Cornyn would support such a proposal. "It would be too embarrassing to retract, and he sort of determined to bull through."

As critics warn that the CSDA will allow the Biden administration to leverage the grants to push a leftist, ideological agenda in the education system, Randall urges the public to voice their concerns.

"The American people have to make absolutely clear that this is the priority -- to preserve our education, to keep the racially discriminatory ideology out of our society, our government, and certainly our schools," he tells AFN.

Breitbart notes that Sen. Cornyn was recently booed at the Texas Republican Party convention over his support for gun control and his apparent work on an immigration package that would include amnesty.