Troubling theory behind sexualizing your children: They are not yours

Troubling theory behind sexualizing your children: They are not yours

Troubling theory behind sexualizing your children: They are not yours

After a public school district in New York state was exposed for a sex-ed lesson that teaches tenth grade students vulgar street slang, a conservative activist has a troubling theory over why it was allowed and even defended.

The sex-ed lesson in the Croton-Harmon School District was first exposed by Rob Astorino, a Republican candidate for governor. In a June tweet, he posted a photo of the vulgar vocabulary terms after outraged parents alerted him to the controversy.

Exposure of the whiteboard lesson sparked a heated school boarding meeting, The Washington Free Beacon reported, where a parent complained there is “no connection” between a science-based lesson and learning vulgar phrases. 

A state lawmaker who was present at the school board meeting, Sen. Peter Harckham, thanked teachers for their “sensitive conversations and professionalism,” the Beacon said.

The issue of sex education is a controversial topic itself, such as whether it’s appropriate and for what age group, and its defenders often insist it is important science-based information. The excuse given by Croton-Harmon was to teach students “respectful language” by learning phrases that are unprintable here but usually found written on the bathroom stall.  

Linda Harvey of Mission America tells AFN there is a much more likely reason: Public school teachers see themselves as enlightened and view parents who object as their moral enemies.

"There are many teachers now trained in left-leaning schools of education,” Harvey says, “who come to believe that children need to be freed from their past heritage of western civilization, their parents' traditional morality, and that they are helping children in this way to be who they really are."

Many teachers exposed by Libs openly suggest they are an “ally” of children and their disapproving parents are the enemy, a view rooted in communism that is far removed from the P-T-A vision of an involved and informed parent.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

Harvey's allegation is being demonstrated over and over thanks to Libs of TikTok, the Twitter account that exposes radical school teachers by reposting their own TikTok videos online. In just recent days, the public has watched a homosexual teacher show off his LGBT-inspired “night club” classroom and a pink-haired “non-binary” teacher boast about the transgender children’s books she read to first graders.

According to the Free Beacon story, the sex-ed curriculum used at Croton-Harmon High teaches students about "consent" in sexual relations -- and only portrays same-sex couples. 

Harvey says no teacher with a “heart for children” would expose innocent minds to sickening and perverse topics. That also goes for more mature tenth graders in a science class, she says.

“These kids,” she says, “do not need to know this."

"If someone was caught teaching kids this stuff in a park," Astorino told the Beacon, "he or she would be arrested as a sex offender."