Judge dismissed plea from school board that dissed parents first

Judge dismissed plea from school board that dissed parents first

Judge dismissed plea from school board that dissed parents first

The disgraced public school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, where the sexual assault of a teen girl was covered up to protect a transgender student, is back in the news after it attempted to stop a grand jury that is investigating the sickening cover-up.

According to the school board, the special grand jury empaneled by Attorney General Jason Miyares is politically motivated and illegally usurps the state constitution that gives school boards authority over educational affairs, according to a story by The Associated Press.

At a July 11 hearing, Circuit Judge James Plowman rejected the school board’s argument on the basis it lacks standing to stop the grand jury’s activities.

In coordination with Attorney General Miyares, Gov. Glenn Youngkin (pictured at left) ordered a state investigation of the cover-up on his first day in office. Because that order fulfilled a campaign promise from both men, the controversial school board – which stands accused of hiding a sexual assault for politics – audaciously argued in court that the governor’s order was a political-motivated decision.

‘Anti-racist’ neighbors spied on parents

AFN has reported on the Marxist-like wokeness that spread through Loudoun County, a wealthy, Democrat-supporting suburb outside Washington, D.C.

The county, which voted 60% for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, made national news when it was learned liberal parents, teachers, and some school board members had formed a private “anti-racist” Facebook group to spy on their own neighbors because they were protesting at school board meetings. But those parents were speaking out after belatedly learning Loudoun County Schools had immersed their children in the woke ideology of pronoun-choosing transgenderism and lessons on anti-white “equity” and “white privilege” related to Critical Race Theory.

Daily Wire dropped bombshell

The uprising from parents, and the arrogant pushback they witnessed from the school system, turned the sleepy suburb into a tense standoff between fed-up parents and school leaders who despised them. And then came the arrest of a parent, Scott Smith, which set off the already-tense community like a bomb.

Thanks to a Daily Wire reporter, who tracked down Smith after the arrest, the public soon learned he had demanded to speak before the school board because his ninth-grade daughter had been sexually assaulted by a skirt-wearing male student at Stone Bridge High School. So what would have been a startling public revelation, and an embarrassing admission by Superintendent Scott Ziegler, ended instead with a violent confrontation with police officers, when the father refused to leave the public meeting.

Because of the exclusive Daily Wire story, Loudoun County parents soon learned the teenage boy, age 15, had been transferred to a second high school, Broad Run High, while awaiting trial for the first assault. At that second school, he had assaulted the second female.

And it got even worse. Among that crowd of already-angry parents, many said Superintendent Ziegler had lied to their faces that no one had been assaulted in a school restroom, even though at the time he was cooperating with law enforcement authorities over the assault of Smith’s daughter.

Cobb, Victoria (Family Foundation - Virginia) Cobb

Even worse, if the situation could get any worse, Ziegler had made that claim with Scott Smith sitting in the audience, the Daily Wire reported.

After monitoring Loudoun County’s political fight for two years, Virginia Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia says she is pleased over the state investigation and disappointed at the school board.

When it finally came to light the school district had lied to parents about a sexual assault, she says, “there's no level of investigation that is enough to get to the bottom of what is actually the truth."

Regarding the teenage boy convicted of assaulting the two teen girls, he was sentenced in January to three years in a juvenile facility by Judge Pamela Brooks. She also ordered him to be registered as a sex offender when he is released at age 18 after the teenager underwent psychosexual and psychological evaluations.

“Yours scared me,” she said of the two reports. “I don’t know how else to put it. They scared me for yourself. They scared me for your family. They scared me for society.”