How-to guide for woke teachers a wake-up call to sleeping parents

How-to guide for woke teachers a wake-up call to sleeping parents

A 68-page how-to guide on "supporting transgender students" includes a "Gender Support Plan" for teachers. 

How-to guide for woke teachers a wake-up call to sleeping parents

A physician and medical ethicist is shaming far-left organizations that are reassuring teachers no innocent child is too young, and no mind too immature, to upend their childhood if they think they are the opposite sex.

According to a radical and eye-opening document obtained by Breitbart, co-authors from the ACLU, the National Education Association, and the Human Rights Campaign signed their names to the document “Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools.” The transgender-celebrating guide, which is a whopping 68 pages and six chapters long, appears to be published just in time to influence teachers who are returning to the classroom for the 2022-2023 school year.

In a section on “Age and Grade Level,” the authors suggest that a “student’s age and maturity – or that of their peers – should never be a basis for denying a transgender student an opportunity to transition.”

In other words, according to the transgender-crazed adult authors, a teacher should not second-guess even the youngest child in the classroom who appears confused about male and female.

Responding to the document, Dr. Jeff Barrows of the Christian Medical and Dental Association calls it “completely inappropriate” for adults to openly declare no age is too young.

According to Barrows, who oversees bioethics and public policy at CMDA, a child who appears confused about his or her gender, a condition now known as Gender Dysphoria, often suffers from autism and from some form of childhood trauma.

“The recommendation should be to just recognize that this child is truly suffering. We don't discount that,” he says. “But they need to see a mental health professional and be screened for some of these other mental health disorders."

Barrows, Dr. Jeffrey (CMDA) Barrows

That medical-based advice conflicts greatly with pro-transgender movement in general and with the the 68-page guide, too. It relegates Gender Dysphoria to a footnote that calls it a “serious medical condition” recognized by the American Psychiatric Association but claims it is not a form of “mental illness.” 

Instead, according to page after page in the long document, transgenderism in the classroom appears to be the latest cause célèbre for teachers who are repeatedly being caught indoctrinating impressionable children with transgender propaganda and also getting caught hiding it from disapproving parents.

When caught by a parent, or outed by Libs of TikTok, the teachers insist they are innocently helping those same children discover their true selves, when truth depends on a child's confused feelings after the teacher read a children's book about choosing your pronouns.  In just one example of logic trampled by ideology, the eight-page "Gender Support Plan" (pictured at top) states that a student's "authentic gender" should be supported by the school, when in reality a confused child doesn't know what is authentic and what is not.

Elsewhere in the document, on the issue of biological males involved in female sports, the authors state that any concerns about a competitive advantage are "unfounded" and "grounded in sex stereotypes." Those students with a perceived advantage -- likely referring to stronger, faster male athletes -- have "integrated well" to the point there is no longer any concern with a competitive advantage, the guide states. If there is any basis for such a biology-denying claim, it was not given a footnote.  

According to the guide, many “transgender youth” are transitioning at a young age but many others are “sitting quietly” in the classroom suffering. 

“Creating an inclusive environment that is free of gender bias and welcoming of gender-expansive youth,” the guide for teacher states, “can make a positive difference in countless children’s lives.”