'Antiracist fellowship' a waste of money

'Antiracist fellowship' a waste of money

'Antiracist fellowship' a waste of money

A cultural analyst says education officials in the Northwest are neglecting "real education" in allocating nearly $2 million to train K-12 educators to reject the "Eurocentric worldview" of "individualism."

According to Fox News, Oregon's Department of Education is creating the "antiracist fellowship" to teach some 600 educators how to create "racially-affirming environments" in classrooms. The so-called "fellowship arc of learning" will, according to the education department, "deepen educators' understanding… of the individual, the institutional and the systemic impacts of racism on schools and communities." Fellows will create their own project "that disrupts a racist pattern/practice/policy, or works towards liberation/equity/decolonization."

Christian author and commentator Janice Crouse thinks the money could be better spent.

Crouse, Janice (CWA) Crouse

"They are neglecting real education and pouring all sorts of money into programs to indoctrinate kids, not educate our kids, when we're falling farther and farther behind other countries," she tells AFN.

Crouse also thinks the project's focus is unnecessary.

"Our culture as a whole is not racist," she asserts. "I don't see that every problem we have in our schools, in our country, in our culture can be traced back to racism, as they apparently think."

The taxpayer funds are coming from Oregon's Student Success Act, which provides $2 billion for education every two years. The total cost for the 23-month project will be $1,929,637.50.