Parents getting leverage in education

Parents getting leverage in education

Parents getting leverage in education

A tip line continues to provide for parents and other community members a way to share concerns about problematic school district policies.

Parents Defending Education (PDE) started what is known as the IndoctriNation Map in 2021 to show that while there are problems everywhere, "there are also people fighting back." Erika Sanzi, director of outreach for the national grassroots organization working "to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas," says the response has been great.

"It was explained to me by parents, 'We've been waiting so long for someone like you to come along,'" Sanzi shares.

But not everyone is a fan of the map. Some do not like the word 'indoctrination' in the title.

Sanzi, Erika (Parents Defending Education) Sanzi

"But parents, regardless of political affiliation, we have found are very grateful," continues Sanzi, a former educator and elected school board member. "Not only does it help inform them about what's going on in their area or where their grandchildren live, for example, but also, when parents feel like no one is listening to them and then they're able to get their concerns posted on our map, they feel very gratified that a national outlet has shined a light on what is happening in their district."

She adds that meeting with their kids' principals or talking at their school board meetings helps give parents leverage.

The map identifies parent organizations for informational purposes only. PDE reviews information as it is received, investigating each incident and evaluating and verifying facts before they are published.