High school students forced to approve left-wing tropes

High school students forced to approve left-wing tropes

High school students forced to approve left-wing tropes

It is no secret many public-school classrooms have devolved into Marxist-like indoctrination centers that target impressionable children and now two high school teachers have been outed for demanding students pledge to be part of that effort, too.

According to a story by LiveAction, the pro-life group, Seattle-area teachers Jason Wessels and Michelle Okroy are demanding that student mentors pledge their fealty to left-wing, bumper sticker-like tropes such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Love is Love” and “No human is illegal.” 

Live Action credited Jason Rantz, a radio talk show host, for exposing how the Eastlake High teachers used a mentoring program called Link Crew to demand students bow to the politically-motivated themes. Students who participate in Link Crew must follow a Code of Conduct that demands students have a positive attitude, for example. The teachers also expect free-thinking students to accept the teacher-approved views about illegal immigration, abortion, and homosexuality.

To make sure there is no misunderstanding, the students must initial next to the far-left declaration in order to mentor incoming freshman.  

A spokesman for Eastlake High School told Rantz the school will “address the matter” after he brought the radical demand to the school’s attention.  

Whitehead, John (Rutherford Institute) Whitehead

John Whitehead, the civil liberties attorney who leads The Rutherford Institute, tells AFN the public keeps learning why these are called government schools.

“That means,” he warns, “the government is programming people to basically be robots."

The result, the attorney says, is young people are “falling in line” with what their government tells them to believe.

“And if the government is out of control,” he says, “it's only the citizens that can save freedom."