Parents' disgust reflected in states' exodus from NSBA

Parents' disgust reflected in states' exodus from NSBA

Parents' disgust reflected in states' exodus from NSBA

With Nebraska's state school board becoming the latest to leave the National School Boards Association, the NSBA has lost at least half of its members.

As AFN has reported, the NSBA's liberal policies has resulted in a growing number of state school boards disaffiliating from the national organization. One of the latest to join in that exodus is the Nebraska State Board, which agreed with the majority of other state school boards that have already left saying the NSBA went too far last fall when it labeled angry parents as "domestic terrorists."

AFN spoke with Karen Bowling of the Nebraska Family Alliance, who applauds the decision. "And I hope that moving forward parents won't be eliminated from the conversation, but [instead] will be invited in in helping select an organization that best represents the students and teachers that they serve," says Bowling.

A spokesperson for the American Federation for Children told Fox News last week that the NSBA's "attempt to bully and silence parents" actually had the opposite effect and instead only "emboldened parents to push back harder." The lesson to be learned, said AFC's Corey DeAngelis, is that organizations and politicians "should think twice before messing with parental rights in education."

Bowling argues that it's essential for parents to stand up to government tyranny to protect their families.

"Thank you, thank you to all the thousands of parents who have stood up, not only in Nebraska but across the land," she shares. "… Parents have the right to educate their children where they feel their children can best thrive."

Fox News reports Nebraska becomes the 25th state to withdraw membership, participation, or dues from the NSBA.