UC putting parents in a bind

UC putting parents in a bind

UC putting parents in a bind

The University of California is considering mandating curriculum that an attorney says would indoctrinate students in bias and delegitimize some because of their beliefs.

According to the Jewish Journal, the proposed new admissions requirement will mandate that each prospective UC student complete a high school ethnic studies course that will likely be in line with a model curriculum that is openly anti-Semitic. Marc Greendorfer, president and co-founder of the Zachor Legal Institute, believes the requirement puts parents in a bind when it comes to their children's college education.

"They can teach that Jews are oppressors, that we don't even really exist as an ethnicity, [and] that the religion is one of oppression," Greendorfer reports. "What you have there is a situation where you either have to indoctrinate your kids or give up the benefit from the government of the University of California system."

Even private Jewish schools will be forced to include the curriculum that contradicts their fundamental religious teachings.

"Don't parents have a right for the freedom to choose what religion their kids are and what beliefs they have," the attorney poses.

Greendorfer adds that the curriculum was written by radical, Marxist professors throughout the university system.