CDC relents on masking kids but some CA schools dig in

CDC relents on masking kids but some CA schools dig in

CDC relents on masking kids but some CA schools dig in

Citing plummeting COVID-19 cases, the CDC has announced it is easing its mask mandate recommendation for schools but an advocate for pulling the masks off our children says her home state of California is refusing to unmask them.

Citing the CDC policy, blue-state governors such as Washington’s Jay Inslee have announced updated indoor guidelines that will drop the mask requirements as of March 12.

Reacting to the CDC announcement, Sharon McKeeman of Let Them Breathe says she was not surprised by the announcement.

"I think what's shocking to me is that there are schools that are already saying they'll continue with the mandates past the 12th,” she says, “ But even that isn't totally surprising because it's the same bad actors that we've seen not put kids needs first and violate their rights."

McKeeman, Sharon (founder, Let Them Breathe) McKeeman

Cal Matters, a news website, has reported San Diego schools will continue to enforce mask-wearing despite the CDC announcement.

“San Diego County is still in the high-risk tier, even under the CDC’s new system,” Richard Barrera, the school board president, said. “When we move into the moderate-risk tier, then we’ll reassess.”

The story said San Francisco public schools will also keep its indoor mask mandate.

McKeeman tells AFN some California legislators are still pushing for vaccine mandates for public school students, too, but it will soon be clear that controversial demand will not be necessary, she says.