'Parents matter' – and they vote, too

'Parents matter' – and they vote, too

'Parents matter' – and they vote, too

Heritage Action is giving an "atta girl" to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

"Keeping schools open is only the start of the pro-parent, pro-family revolution that Republicans are leading in Iowa and states across this country," the GOP governor (pictured) said this week on behalf of her political party in its response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address. "Republicans believe that parents matter."

That was true before the pandemic, Reynolds said, adding that it has never been more important to say aloud. "Parents matter," the governor repeated for emphasis. "They have a right to know and to have a say in what their kids are being taught."

Lindsey Curnutte, press secretary for Heritage Action of America, says Governor Reynolds hit on something that Biden completely missed on during his address Tuesday night.

Curnutte, Lindsey (Heritage Action) Curnutte

"The Biden administration has attacked parents for standing up for their children," says Curnutte. "His DOJ referred to them as 'domestic terrorists' to stop them from just simply voicing their opinions and wanting to stand up to school boards that want to run their children's lives."

That, says Curnutte, is going to be a driving factor in the next election.

"Parents are going to vote for a party that takes their concern into consideration," she argues. "So, I think the Democrats and President Biden are just completely missing the mark there when it comes to parents [because] they're demonizing parents who want to stand up for their kids [when] Republicans and conservatives want to advocate for pro-family, pro-parent ideals."