'Puritan' parents have new enemy: your child's private school

'Puritan' parents have new enemy: your child's private school

Leaked materials from a conference by the National Association of Independent Schools includes a slide telling teachers that parents who object to gender identity lessons are engaged in "Puritan Speak." 

'Puritan' parents have new enemy: your child's private school

Few people would be surprised to learn an education workshop was instructing public school teachers on poisoning children with sexually deviant lessons but teachers and administrators who sat through hours of how-to instruction are employed by private schools across the U.S.

Video footage from a National Association of Independent Schools workshop, which was held in 2020, was obtained by Breitbart News for a blockbuster February story describing sickening subject matter, such as asking pre-K children “what they feel inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl.”

For second graders, an instructor told teachers 7-year-olds should learn about gender identity “in terms of your head and your heart and your body parts matching up.”

Breitbart News received the footage from “Undercover Mothers,” a network of parents who are filming and documenting the indoctrination of children by their “woke” teachers who view parents as the enemy. In one portion of the conference, in fact, objections from disapproving parents are described by training materials as “Puritan Speak” for stating “That’s my job” and “They’re too young to know that.”

At the same time parents are viewed as the enemy, in some kind of Marxist-like view of the family, an instructor assured teachers they should not feel guilty because their motives are good. The fellow teacher shared that she wanted to be "super progressive" in her first-year classroom, where she told pre-k children about the vulva and the labia. She called that a "really big mistake" due to her eagerness.

"And I share that with you because it’s not perfect, right? It’s a practice," the teacher assured fellow teachers. "So be kind to yourself when you're delving into this stuff." 

One member of “Undercover Mothers” said she pulled her 8-year-old son from school after he was instructed to “affirm his gender” in his third-grade class.

On its website, NAIS says its membership include approximately 1,600 schools in the U.S. A review of those member schools by AFN shows many are faith-based schools but most have no religious affiliation.

Meg Kilgannon, an education analyst at the Family Research Council, tells AFN the leaked conference is proof parents must demand to know if those lessons are being taught in their child’s classroom without their permission.

"This is something that parents who have their children in private schools,” she says, “tend to have a false sense of security about: the quality of the education their children are getting and the fact that that education reflects the parents' values."

Kilgannon, Meg (FRC) Kilgannon

Farther down in the Breitbart story, the story says parents should read the enrollment contract they sign because NAIS-accredited schools state parental approval is not a “prerequisite for respecting a student’s gender identity.”

Breitbart reviewed a contract provided by an “Undercover Mothers” activist.

“It is clear that our schools, at the direction NAIS, are actively working to rob our children of their innocence and sow doubt about the most fundamental aspects of human nature,” the mother said. “It is nothing short of child abuse."