Follow the science? Teacher training requires them to lie, deny biology

Follow the science? Teacher training requires them to lie, deny biology

Follow the science? Teacher training requires them to lie, deny biology

A writer with the Illinois Family Institute is urging parents to be "in the know" about how educators are being trained to deal with students on controversial topics like sexual identity, gender confusion, and transgenderism.

Chicago Public Schools have introduced a mandatory teacher training program that teaches that a person's sex is really not something he or she is born with, but instead is something the individual chooses. Furthermore, according to a Fox News report, teachers – after the training – are threatened with disciplinary measures for not using students' preferred pronouns.

One slide within the 104-slide PowerPoint presentation, says Fox, offers the following statement:

"Gender & sex are socially constructed [not rooted in biology], meaning they've been created and enforced by the people in a society."

Another slide in the presentation instructs teachers that "discussing a student's transition with their parent or guardian without the student's explicit consent is not permitted. Disclosure of this kind can create an unsafe situation for the student. This is both a legal and safety concern, and there is no age restriction on this guidance."

Laurie Higgins, a cultural issues writer with the Illinois Family Institute, warns parents must be vigilant.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

"Parents must find out what's going on in professional development – [during] the institute days, [during] the teacher training that goes on in summer workshops," she suggests, "because those ideas are supposed to shape teaching in the classroom."

According to Higgins, students are encouraged to use different pronouns and gender identities – and she says students know when they do, they will receive special attention.

"And the sole reason [teachers are] doing that is to introduce homosexuality and transgenderism positively to students at very young ages before their parents can start to shape their ideas," she adds.

Higgins argues that parents shouldn't have to subsidize teacher training to participate in a lie that facilitates destructive practices among children.