Professor: Standards changes don't add up

Professor: Standards changes don't add up

Professor: Standards changes don't add up

A longtime college math teacher in Nevada is getting to keep his job after he was threatened with termination for criticizing the school's math standards.

Truckee Meadows Community College Professor Lars Jensen hailed the five-member termination board's recommendation that he not be fired as a "win for academic freedom." Matt Lamb of The College Fix says Jensen protested students getting college credit for remedial math.

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"His issue with the standards changes is that it wouldn't actually help the students because it would give them credit in college, even though they're not really learning at a college," Lamb details. "They haven't achieved a college level achievement in math."

Jensen was accused of insubordination for criticizing the new curriculum structure.

"He was offering his professional opinion as a professor on how the university system should structure its courses," Lamb contends. "I mean, don't hire professors to teach math if you don't want their opinion on the best way to teach math."

Jensen is reportedly working with attorneys on filing EEOC and Title IX complaints against the school. He expects "to pursue them in full."