Left-wing radicals school university dean about 'racist' professors

Left-wing radicals school university dean about 'racist' professors

Left-wing radicals school university dean about 'racist' professors

Sitting through Orwellian anti-white training at a college campus has become as routine as last-minute studying and fraternity parties, but one public university is pushing the propaganda with a new twist: The training is mandatory for some faculty members and is now tied to their paycheck.

According to education watchdog Campus Reform, the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced in mid-August that faculty and staff at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences must participate in at least one anti-white “experience” annually that “enhances their understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.”

The announcement, which was posted on the university’s website, singles out the ag school after its dean, Kathryn VanderBosch, asked the Equity and Diversity Committee for advice on how to be more anti-racist. Now the dean and other employees will be required to document their “experience," and that documentation will be required for any departmental recognitions and salary increases.

UW-Madison is a Big Ten campus of 40,000 students, where the Orwellian-named Equity and Diversity Committee was demanding the ag college prove it was committed to “anti-racism" as far back as the spring of 2020, according to letters from the Committee obtained by Campus Reform. In a March 2020 letter to Dean VanderBosch, the Committee accused her of failing to prove a “clear commitment to anti-racism” in the College’s public websites, school documents, and official letters.

A second letter, dated July 2020, accuses the faculty and staff of being “clueless about the racism in our college” and also clueless about how to stop it. The letter then demands “anti-racism” training that is performed by “experts” on the topic.

Reacting to the mandatory training, Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council says it is enlightening to watch a radical student group bully university leaders to prove they are not racist.

"If this is so beneficial,” she asks, “why do we have to arm-twist, threaten, coerce, bully, intimidate people into doing these training sessions?"