A 'Head Start' in all the wrong ways

A 'Head Start' in all the wrong ways

A 'Head Start' in all the wrong ways

Despite its failure for more than half a century, President Biden is pushing for another launch of a redo of the Head Start federal program.

Part of the Democrats' $3.5 trillion spending bill includes $450 billion for universal preschool and childcare, otherwise known as Head Start – a program that Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation calls completely ineffective, corrupt, and scandalous.

Burke, Lindsey (Heritage) Burke

"Head Start, unfortunately for the children who participate and for the families who are involved, has been rife with fraud and abuse and has not [produced] outcomes for children," she reports. "It has been incredibly expensive ever since it was launched in 1965."

Burke says the lion's share of the $7 billion spent annually goes for administrative costs.

"What is unfortunate is that a lot of that spending ends up in administrative bloat," she relays. "Much of it ends up supporting the salaries of Head Start staff. We now have 265,000 adults who are on staff."

The annual costs for each child in the program is $10,200.