Feds' 'back-to-school' promo urges students to file lawsuits

Feds' 'back-to-school' promo urges students to file lawsuits

Feds' 'back-to-school' promo urges students to file lawsuits

A Christian ministry leader is criticizing officials in the Biden administration who are intent on using children as agents of change in an attempt to normalize transgenderism.

Breitbart News reports that several of President Joe Biden's "deputies" have been commissioned to urge transgender students (K-12) to file federal lawsuits against schools if they feel bullied or hindered. For example, those students are being encouraged by Dr. Rachel Levine – a transgender who is Biden's assistant secretary of health at HHS – to appeal immediately to the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights if they have a complaint or feel discriminated against:

Levin: "We know at the United States Department of Health and Human Services, that learning environments, free from bullying and harassment are vital to making sure that all students flourish, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is critical to support trans youth, their parents and families to help them achieve the good health and well-being that everyone deserves."

In a video entitled "Federal Government Back-to-School Address to Transgender Students," Kristen Clarke – the assistant attorney general for the DOJ's Office of Civil Rights – explains to students how to file a complaint with the federal agencies.

Linda Harvey, president and founder of Mission: America, points out there are more appropriate steps to take first.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"There are perfectly legitimate, long-established avenues for reporting bullying and harassment right at the local school level – and that's the way they should be going," she tells AFN. "But [this is one more example that] the Left continues to want to use children as agents of change."

Harvey also complains that radicals are giving no thought to what such actions could do to students emotionally.

"This is very destabilizing; it's one more way that the Left is trying to reach children – and in the process, ruin their emotional and social stability for the foreseeable future," she contends.

One of the more high-profile debates related to transgenderism in public education has been in the area of sports. Though nearly half the legislatures in the U.S. have taken a stance against transgendered males competing in female sports, the Biden administration is still pushing against any such restriction.