CRT on ropes thanks to relentless Right, but Far Left vows rescue

CRT on ropes thanks to relentless Right, but Far Left vows rescue

 Critical Race Theory has been exposed by its critics for its radical views on race and its roots in Marxism, but that has not stopped Bank of America for subjecting its white employees to a "21-Day Challenge." 

CRT on ropes thanks to relentless Right, but Far Left vows rescue

A well-known conservative group is continuing its all-out fight against Critical Race Theory, this time with a new website aimed at fighting the Marxist-based ideology in the classroom and fighting a teachers’ union that has vowed to defend it.

Heritage Action has launched SaveOurSchools.com, which it describes as a “one-stop source” for students and faculty to expose the far-left ideology and also equip a fed-up public with tools to fight back.    

"SaveOurSchools.com is really a one-stop shop for concerned activists," Heritage Action spokeswoman Lindsey Curnutte tells American Family News.

The new website, which launched Monday, is both an information source and a hands-on tool. The website lists current bills in Congress to restrict CRT, and the public can use the website to contact lawmakers to share their concerns. Classroom whistle blowers can report real-time examples of CRT ideology at CRT@heritageaction.com, and the website offers step-by-step instructions for submitting Freedom of Information Act requests to a public school.

Curnutte, Lindsey (Heritage Action) Curnutte

There is also a sign-up page for organizing a grassroots, anti-CRT group in your community, and Heritage Action has model legislation for state lawmakers to fight the ideology at the state capitol.

The far-left teachers’ unions and CRT apologists are “on notice that their time is running out,” Heritage Action executive director Jessica Anderson says of the new website.

The ABCs of CRT

Back in June, American Family News reported the Right was belatedly pushing back on Critical Race Theory and its tenets on race and racism, oppressors and oppression, and white privilege. That pushback came after the radical academic theory had crept like a cancer from Ivy League academics into the Pentagon, elementary school classrooms, and powerful corporations such as Coca-Cola and Disney.

Kimberle Crenshaw, a black law professor, is credited with popularizing the theory that U.S. News describes as “the idea that racism is systemic in the nation's institutions and that they function to maintain the dominance of white people in society.” 

That honest and factual definition is a rarity, however, since defenders of CRT have been downplaying its claims, or outright lying about them, when it is exposed by critics. CRT can be traced to Critical Theory, which has taught generations of college students that the poor are oppressed by the rich who enjoy wealth and privilege for themselves. That poor-versus-rich philosophy of Marxism has overthrown governments and murdered millions for a century, and now Critical Race Theory is mirroring that violent movement by dividing the races according to oppressors and the oppressed.

Despite the public catching on, defenders of CRT continue to lie. When a whistleblower exposed Coca-Cola's training, a spokesman claimed the training was a "misunderstood attempt to build an inclusive work place," even though employees were instructed to "be less white." 

Disney similarly claimed its employee training allowed "diversity of thought" even though CRT, by design, divides people according to skin color as either oppressor or victim. 

According to CNN, Critical Race Theory postulates that racism is an “everyday experience” for minorities because a “large part of society” --- meaning the white population --- “has no interest in doing away with it because it benefits White elites.”

Crenshaw herself told CNN that Critical Race Theory is an “approach to grappling with a history of White supremacy that rejects the belief that what's in the past is in the past, and that the laws and systems that grow from that past are detached from it.”

Despite the public pushback on CRT, classrooms and corporations are still pushing it. In mid-August, Bank of America, Lowe’s, and United Way were outed by a whistleblower for subjecting their employees to the “anti-racist” seminars that told white employees to “cede power to people of color” and to “get woke at work.”

Employees at Bank of America were encouraged to take a "Racial-Equity 21-Day Challenge," which states that the United States is a "racialized society" that uses race to "establish and justify systems of power, privilege, disenfranchisement, and oppression."  

Think tank vs teachers' union

Against such a backdrop, Heritage Action went on the attack earlier this summer. The group published the e-book “Reject Critical Race Theory” and Anderson exposed the National Education Association in a blistering National Review article after the far-left teachers' union vowed to “fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric.”

Anderson, Jessica (Heritage Action) Anderson

That vow from the NEA came after the lying Left had stated "ad nauseam" that CRT was not being taught in schools, Anderson pointed out.

In fact, in a huge reversal, the NEA announced it was setting aside union dues to “research” organizations that are “attacking educators” attacking what the teachers' union called “anti-racist work” in the classroom, which means CRT-based teaching to students. 

One group that had angered the NEA was predictably The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action.

"American parents aren’t falling for it," Anderson wrote. "They know that CRT-based curricula are infiltrating their schools, and they overwhelmingly reject it."