San Fran sicko: Police shrug at 'pride' perversion in front of children

San Fran sicko: Police shrug at 'pride' perversion in front of children

Tenet Media reporter Taylor Hansen confronts police officers about allowing lewd behavior at the "San Francisco Pride Parade."  

San Fran sicko: Police shrug at 'pride' perversion in front of children

San Francisco held its annual "pride parade" over the weekend and footage of the event suggests it was more graphic, degrading, and sickening than ever.

Editor's Note: This story contains graphic content

Public nudity and sex acts were not only permitted in public but were done in full view of parade watchers and police officers, and even worse they were witnessed by children.

San Francisco has been a popular home for homosexuals going back generations, so it’s not surprising the city would celebrate “Pride Month” with a two-day event celebrating degenerate behavior.  

What appeared to be different this year, however, is the cameras that were recording the depravity in an attempt to show the public what is happening on a public street.

The X channel LibsofTik shared one video showing a middle-aged man, who was completely nude, watching the parade. He happily waves to children, one of them in a stroller, as they walked past.

A second X channel, Concerned Citizen, posted video of a “fetish area” where people urinated on each other and spanked each other.

Savanah Hernandez, a reporter for Turning Point USA, attended the parade and recorded footage of completely nude men walking around the area.

“San Francisco pride has been the most disturbing experience of my life,” she wrote in an X post.   

Reacting to the debauchery, church pastor Jack Hibbs told the “Todd Starnes Show” the City by the Bay has nothing on Sodom and Gomorrah.

“These are the things that the ancient empires of the world saw right before they were destroyed by whatever powers that invaded them, or whatever demise came to them,” said Hibbs, who pastors Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

Hibbs, Pastor Jack Hibbs

San Francisco deserves God’s wrath for what is allows, Hibbs said, especially for the children who are being exposed to depravity that is stealing their innocence.

“When are the arrests gonna start taking place?” he asked.

That question was posed to a group of San Francisco police officers thanks to Taylor Hansen, a reporter for Tenet Media.

“Is it legal for nudity to be presented in front of kids?” he asks.

“Nudity is legal, yeah,” a female police officer replies. “Within certain boundaries.”

Asked what those boundaries are, the police officer said the nudity can’t be “coupled” with a lewd act or done for sexual gratification.

In a follow-up video about his experience at the pride event, Hansen says he wanted to puke while documenting the vulgarity and lewd behavior, such as people urinating in the mouths of other people. 

The reporter also shares that he showed police officers video of a man performing a sex act on another man, but the police officers refused to do anything about it.

In another clip on X, Hansen confronts the nude man filmed waving at children. 

"It's okay for you to do this in front of kids?" Hansen asks. "You're comfortable with that? You think that's something they should see? 

"A lot of people are doing this," the man replies.