Ten Commandments – good for Bayou State and for you

Ten Commandments – good for Bayou State and for you

Ten Commandments – good for Bayou State and for you

The Ten Commandments has been in the news a bit recently, compliments of a new law in Louisiana affecting public schools. But a Mississippi-based ministry makes the case that the Decalogue needs to be more than just something hanging on the wall.

Under the new law, Louisiana requires the Ten Commandments be on display in public school classrooms. Governor Jeff Landry (R-Louisiana) and other supporters say the Ten Commandments are "foundational documents of our state and national government" when it comes to law. Lawsuits are underway – but in the meantime, people are applauding the Bayou State and hoping other states move in that direction.

"Whether people understand this or not, the Ten Commandments are actually the foundation of government all over the world," says Pastor Joseph Parker, host of American Family Radio's "Hour of Intercession" program.

AFR's parent organization, American Family Association (AFA), is near completion of a Ten Commandments Speech Challenge. Beginning before Louisiana's bill was signed into law, the challenge ends on June 30.

Parker, Joseph Parker

"We're inviting people ages 7 to 17 to write a speech or have someone help them write a speech on this topic: Why are the Ten Commandments important?" explains Parker. "We're encouraging the speeches to be 3 to 5 minutes, although any length is welcome."

Participants are then asked to record their speech on video using a cellphone or another recording device, and then upload it.

While the Ten Commandments project is for people ages 7 to 17, Parker encourages adults to pray and learn the Ten Commandments.

"You'd be surprised how many adult Christians don't know them," says Parker. "Also, have them put on display in your churches. Now, you might think, 'Don't all churches already have them on display?' No, they don't. It's wise to put them on display in your church building."

Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.