Recent campus protests prove 'devil is alive and well'

Recent campus protests prove 'devil is alive and well'

Recent campus protests prove 'devil is alive and well'

It appears that some or many of the anti-Israel protests on college campuses are not what they have been in the past months.

There have been numerous reported incidents of encampments at universities for the past several months. Some protests became violent, and protesters even took over campus buildings.

A recent report from Campus Reform looks at California State University professor As'ad AbuKhalil apparently mocking Noa Argamani, an Israeli who was held hostage by Hamas. AduKhalil posted on X: "Now revelations of torture by Hamas. She had to wash dishes. That is torture, if you ask me."

Recent examples of the protests include the University of California Santa Cruz where it's reported demonstrators set up an anti-Israel blockade at the public campus' main entrance. Eighty were arrested.

But there have been repercussions. In Illinois, for example, the University of Chicago is now reportedly withholding degrees from some seniors who participated in an anti-Israel encampment.

Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, spoke with AFN about the protests.

"The encampments are dissipating and somewhat losing – [and] because of that police pressure, the Democrat honchos have decided … 'Well, let's take the side of law and order right now because this is looking pretty bad for us. It's hurting the Democrat Party brand.'"

Thomasson, Randy (SaveCalifornia.com) Thomasson

While there are certainly political causes behind the protests, Thomasson argues "the devil is alive and well" in those who have participated in the pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic protests.

"It is spiritual with the people who are oppressed or possessed by demons going against the Jews, going against Israel," he explains. "But it's also political in the sense that where there is Democrat Party rule, that's where the servants of the devil are very aggressive because they think that they'll be accommodated, even empowered. So, that's why you're seeing more of this evil from California right now."

Thomasson also claims Jewish Democrats in Congress are pretty much pretending because their policies in effect help with worldwide terrorism. "Fortunately, most Americans are offended by it. They're waking up to it, and there could be a revolution of sorts, peacefully, this important election year."