A reminder that 'pride' is from the flesh, not the Heavenly Father

A reminder that 'pride' is from the flesh, not the Heavenly Father

A reminder that 'pride' is from the flesh, not the Heavenly Father

June is being called “Pride Month” by homosexual activists and their allies but an author and Bible scholar says the lies being told must be refuted and defeated.

Jennifer Strickland is an author, speaker, and host of the “I am a Woman” podcast. She tells AFN the nation is facing an “identify crisis” and the “pride” movement is to blame for blurring reality.

“I think that moms and dads are really concerned about this,” she says. “We need to use our voices to restore the meaning of the word 'woman.’ We're female obviously.”

Since biblical womanhood is a frequent topic for Strickland, she took a “deep dive” into the Hebrew scriptures when she was writing a new book.

“Woman head is an action is what I discovered in scripture,” she tells AFN. “That we're not just double x chromosomes, which we are, but we also have an action associated with our name, which that we are the helpers to humanity, the guardians of protection for the children. And we're life-givers: body, soul, and spirit."

Strickland, Jennifer (1) Strickland

In a related Fox News interview about “Pride Month,” Dr. Jordan Peterson blasted the LGBT rights movement for its obsession with sexuality.

“Generally, among human beings with any degree of civilized comportment whatsoever,” the psychologist observed, “we tend to be private in our sexual conduct.”

Peterson, who is currently with The Daily Wire, was a University of Toronto professor in 2016 when he became a free speech hero to many. Concerned at the time about Canada’s human rights bill, C-16, he pushed back on a university policy to use made-up pronouns, such as “ze” and “zir,” for students.

“I've studied authoritarianism for a very long time - for 40 years - and they're started by people's attempts to control the ideological and linguistic territory," Peterson told the BBC at the time.

In that BBC story, a fellow professor with “they” pronouns alleged Peterson was being alarmist and using “slippery slope fallacies” regarding free speech.

Now, eight years after his fight began, Peterson told Fox News he is “done with it,” referring to the homosexual rights movement  and “Pride Month.”

“I don't like the flag. I think it's a piece of idiocy,” he said. “I don't like the acronym and all the mysteries surrounding it. I don't like the fact that it's targeted at young people.”

Finally, Peterson (pictured at right) called hormones and life-altering surgeries for transgender children “Nazi, Auschwitz-level awful.”

Referring to the transgender movement, Strickland says innocent children are being taught they can claim a “gender identity” that is separate from their biological sex God gave them.

“That is just false, and it's a lie that's permeated our culture,” she warns. “Christians really need to be able to address it with love and compassion, but also clarity."

Peterson also mentioned the Christian faith – in particular LGBT-embracing churches – in his Fox News interview. How can a church fly a “Pride” flag, he asked, when pride is the “cardinal” sin.

“What exactly are you celebrating here? Tolerance,” he said. “It's like, yeah, tolerance of a vice is not a virtue, and pride is a vice.”