An effort to reach the fatherless

An effort to reach the fatherless

An effort to reach the fatherless

A Christian organization that supports military families is reaching out to the young men and women who've lost a father in service to our country.

Daniel Craig, director of LifeCampUSA, says that could be with the military, law enforcement, or first responder service.

Craig, Daniel (LifeCampUSA) Craig

"We want to help them to develop that personal resilience to the challenges that they're going to face, helping develop biblical fortitude and restorative healing from what they've experienced," he relays. "We do that through a weeklong camp, all expenses paid."

Locations are in wilderness areas of Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, South Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

Though this summer's girls' camps are full, Craig says there is still room for boys ages 11 to 14. Out in the wilderness, they will connect with mentors who can encourage them in a way that a dad should.

"We stay connected with them for an entire year, trying to help them to recognize what are the godly values that they should be developing in their life," the director details.

He says the idea for LifeCampUSA stems from the organizers' work with Samaritan's Purse and its Operation Heal Our Patriots program.

"We saw a lot of these returning veterans, injured vets coming back and getting connected with their wives, just trying to have that marriage counseling that brings them back together because they've changed quite a bit since being deployed," Craig accounts. "And that question came to us: What about those men that aren't returning?"

They decided they wanted to stand in that gap and help those fatherless sons grow up to be the men that God made them to be.

What started with six 6 kids in 2021 has now grown to 106 children.