Look up, Israel … you do not stand alone!

Look up, Israel … you do not stand alone!

Look up, Israel … you do not stand alone!

A group of pro-Israel supporters in the United States will continue to deliver an airborne message to Jewish students at various universities that they are not alone.

The coalition Jewish Lives Matter has been conducting flyovers of various college campuses around the U.S. with a banner reflecting their commitment to those students – and to the nation of Israel. Janet Porter, a founding member of Jewish Lives Matter, explains it all started as an idea to stand with Israel during the anti-Israel riots taking place at Columbia University in New York.

"We just ran a simple banner that said 'God Bless Israel,'" she shares, "and then so many people wanted to help and wanted to be a part of it that it grew into the Jewish Lives Matter movement."

The group then flew a banner (pictured above) over UCLA and Hollywood shortly after that, then at the University of Michigan graduation.

Porter, Janet (F2A) Porter

"We were there [in Michigan] when the Hamas protesters screamed anti-Jewish threats [and] disrupted the ceremony," Porter explains. "But above it all was the banner, 'We stand with Israel. Jewish Lives Matter.US.'"

The group's spokeswoman says those banners were followed up with a flyover at the University of Texas at Austin on Monday. Another flyover is set for the University of Southern California on Wednesday. Porter tells AFN they are catching the nation by storm.

"I had a conference call with three rabbis, two of whom were in Israel, and they expressed just overwhelming gratitude that this time they do not stand alone," she states.

Sponsors are being sought as more flyovers are planned, according to Porter.