Coalition touts sovereignty ahead of this month's meeting

Coalition touts sovereignty ahead of this month's meeting

Coalition touts sovereignty ahead of this month's meeting

A defender of the God-given freedoms the U.S. Constitution guarantees continues to voice concerns about the WHO's ongoing effort to take away Americans' national and personal sovereignty.

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Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy is one of the founders of the Sovereignty Coalition, which is warning people about the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), ahead of its meeting later this month (May 2024) to discuss proposed pandemic-related restrictions.

Supporters of the move say it would help participating countries be on the same page. But talking about it this week on AFR's "Today's Issues" program, Gaffney called it a big power grab.

Gaffney, Frank (Ctr for Security Policy) Gaffney

"We will have people doing what happened to us the last time," he warned. "We'll have doctors who have been basically paid to go along with this program; we'll have pharmacists who will refuse to fill prescriptions if it's not approved therapies according to the World Health Organization."

Despite its name, Gaffney said the World Health Organization is not "some center of great competency of medicine," and he urged people to contact elected representatives in Washington, D.C.

"The main thing is you want to say, 'Don't surrender my sovereignty,'" Gaffney advised.

He also suggested that people visit the Sovereignty Coalition's website and tell legislators, "Not Now."

Some legislators are aware of the matter and are participating with the Sovereignty Coalition. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Representatives Ralph Norman (SC-5), Bob Good (VA-5), Chris Smith (NJ-4), Andy Biggs (AZ-5), Chip Roy (TX-21), Matt Rosendale (MT-2), Paul Gosar (AZ-9), Tom Tiffany (WI-7), and Scott Perry (PA-10) are among them.

Other members of the Sovereignty Coalition include Jenny Beth Martin (president, Tea Party Patriots Action), Tony Perkins (president, Family Research Council), Kris Ullman (president, Eagle Forum), and Reggie Littlejohn (president, Women's Rights Without Frontiers and Anti-Globalist International).